Specialist Hairdressing

Our Commitment

Verve was founded to provide a safe space for those facing various hair loss conditions, thinning hair or for anybody managing the effects of trichotillomania.

That is why we understand first-hand the anxieties that many face when visiting the hairdressers. And because of this, all our stylists undergo professional training in hair loss conditions and styling techniques to conceal any areas of concern whilst caring for your hair.

How We Can Help

We want you to feel comfortable when in salon, so we have private treatment rooms to discuss your hair concerns freely with Verve stylists.

We can show you how to incorporate thickening hair fibres into your daily routine to conceal early stages of hair loss or thinning hair.

Nioxin hair treatments, specialist hair cutting and colouring techniques to assist those with thinning hair and areas impacted by trichotillomania.

Bring in your wig or topper and we can cut and style your pieces to best suit your facial profile – we can even add roots and low lights for more depth.

Before any colour work, we conduct a patch test and strand test to best protect your hair from any damage or unforeseen reactions.

We can show you how to style and wear discreet hair enhancements if you are becoming concerned with a thinning or widening parting.